Throughout over 40 years of continuous development, Dailywin Watch Group has become a global diversified enterprise, with vast and profound experience as well as expertise in all contexts of design, research and development, manufacturing, logistics and after sales services of timepieces for various market segments. Presently, licensee and quality premium quality watches are being supplied to our global partners operating in more than 10 countries around the world.

Today Dailywin Group is operating in Hong Kong, China and Switzerland with a workforce of over 1,300 highly skilled and productive with multidiscipline know- how personnel and an average annual output of over 3.6 million pieces of finished watches, and over 700,000 pieces of Swiss brand premium watch kits.

Corporate Vision

Become a modern, innovative, dependable, and respected world-renowned company.

Corporate Mission

  • Committed to helping our customers to succeed.
  • Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization.
  • Create a nurturing working environment to allow members to develop their potential.

Corporate Culture

Dedication, Adaptability, Integrity, Loyalty, Youthful, Winning attitude, Innovation, Never give up.

Social Compliance Responsibility

While business is developing and expanding all the way,
Dailywin did not forget to give back to the society, actively fulfill our social responsibilities, care for the people’s livelihood, help the poor, and actively participate in the charity activities.